Latex Mattresses

Welcome to our range of Latex Mattresses. None of these items have springs in them. All of our latex is from Latexco in Belgium, which we consider to be the most consistent, durable and best latex mattress ‘core’ in the world.

Sleeping on a Latexco latex core mattress has many advantages:

  1. Full support of your body without creating ‘pressure points’.
  2. No or very minimal partner disturbance.
  3. Noiseless.
  4. Latex, unlike foam retains it’s shape and feel for many, many years longer than an innerspring mattress.
  5. It can be zoned to perfectly contour to your body (Refer to the zoning section in “Choosing a Mattress” on the header bar.
  6. A healthier sleep alternative as Latex is inherently anti-dustmite, anti-bacterial etc.
  7. Self ventilating which improves air circulation through the pin cores and vent channels. This keeps the mattress at a comfortable sleep temperature.


Our most versatile latex mattress is the Latex Pod. It has a 100% natural latex zoned core, fabulous fully natural, removable quilted bamboo cotton and silk cover and we can alter each side of the mattress to either soft, medium, firm or extra firm. People love this ability to tailor each side of the mattress to their needs rather than having to compromise on comfort.

Our Eurozone Premium models have natural 5 zone cores and come in either a medium or firmer feel. They also have a removable cover made from Bamboo fabric, well known for it’s health advantages of being inherently anti-bacterial / microbial.

The Heveya 100% Organic Natural Latex Mattress, the ultimate in ecological and natural sleep comes in 2 feels. Heveya is the only certified 100% Organic Latex Mattress in the world. it takes the concept of a natural night's sleep one step further.

Hot Sleepers:
Most people (Around 90%) find Latex Mattresses very comfortable to sleep on. If you are a particularly hot sleeper however, you can upgrade to our new temperature controlled covers in our Eurozone or pod ranges. These are made from a high-tech fabric that is cool to touch and designed to remain between 26-28 degrees. A fabulous innovation, exclusive to Latex Mattress Warehouse.

Please feel free to email or phone to ask us any questions about our range. Research suggests people are significantly happier with their purchase when they have bought a latex mattress compared to an innerspring mattress. We happy to help you find out why and become one of them.

Please note that all prices listed in this section are for the mattress only. We have a good range of bed frames and mattress bases in the ‘Bases & Bed Frames’ category on the header bar.