Latex Core Mattresses do not have any springs. They are made primarily or solely from a block of latex rubber which is derived from the sap of the rubber tree, grown predominantly throughout central Asia.

The advantages of a Latex Core Mattress are numerous.

1.They are extremely durable when well made and can last for many years without losing their shape and support.

2. They are extremely supportive, moulding to the shape of the body however having excellent underlying support in the correct areas.

3. They are excellent for people with ailments as the structure of Latex helps reduce pressure points. Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Physiotherapists often recommend Latex Core Mattresses for people who have injuries and persistent pain as it is a natural pressure reliever.

4. Latex Core Mattresses are inherently anti-microbial, anti-dustmite and very good for allergy sufferers generally.

5. They have excellent ‘reduced partner disturbance qualities’ resulting from the open cell structure of Latex. When one partner moves it is not felt on the other partners side of the mattress under normal circumstances.

6. Adjustable feels can be achieved in a latex mattress to cater for each sleeping partners needs. If one person likes a firmer feel and the other softer, this can now be adapted into the mattress using our Latex Pod technology (Refer to our product pages or the special section about our Latex Pod range).

At Latex Mattress Warehouse we have many styles of Latex Core Mattresses with firmer or softer support and we are confident we will have a mattress to suit your needs.

Pocket Spring / Coil Mattresses

The difference between a Pocket Spring Mattress and a regular innerspring mattress is that the springs in a pocket spring move independently of each other. They are not all bound together which provides two key benefits not generally associated with traditional innerspring mattresses:

Reduced Partner Disturbance because the only springs that move are those around the body zone.
Improved spinal alignment through being able to zone the spring system. This means putting softer or firmer springs into the hip and shoulder region of the mattress to give their more support or more relief to keen the spin straighter for side sleepers.

The pocket springs are usually encased within a high density foam box to keep them in place and bordered by a heavy gauge wire top and bottom. Each spring is encased in its own non woven ‘pocket’ which enables free movement and stops tangling occurring.

On top of the pocket spring system are the comfort layers. These are usually made from combinations of foam or latex, latex being a lot more durable however equally more expensive. Then the mattress is finished with quilting layers and the outer fabric called the ‘Ticking’.

While most Pocket spring Mattresses will provide a 10 year guarantee it is important to note that the realistic life of most sprung mattresses is around 8 years and this should be taken into account in the purchase decision.

Traditional Innerspring (Bonnell) Mattresses

The older style spring system, commonly known as a Bonnell spring is still a very popular style of mattress to this day. They are used in most budget or entry level mattresses and still have some very good qualities.

They are a great option for kids mattresses, guest room mattresses, holiday houses, or where the budget does not extent to a pocket pring or latex core mattress.

The primary difference between the Bonnell Spring and pocket springs is that all of the springs are wired together. This forms a good solid structure for the mattress however does mean that movement on one side of the mattress can often be felt on the other side.

In addition the zoning capability is reduced therefore limiting the opportunity for improved spinal alignment.

It is also worth noting that the comfort layers in many innerspring (Bonnell) mattresses reflect the cheaper nature of this style of product and therefore the longevity of this style of mattress is usually limited, particularly in pillow top models where less resilient foams may be used.

Latex Pod

The Latex Pod Mattress Range is exclusive to the Latex Mattress Warehouse. There are two versions, the Latex Pod with a full Pure Latex 5 Zone Core, or the Pocket Pod with a 5 Zone Pocket Spring Foundation.

The key feature of the Latex Pod Range is the floating Pure Latex comfort Layers. The mattress zips apart and the comfort layers are two sections covering a side of the bed each. These can be easily removed and replaced with a firmer or softer feel so that each side of the bed can be adjusted to perfectly suit the sleeper.

Also, as a person’s body shape alters or injuries occur, the pods can be replaced to suit the persons changing needs.

A secondary advantage of these floating pods is significantly reduced partner disturbance because each person is effectively sleeping in their own bed, without the look or feel of it!

The Latex Pod Range of Mattresses is well worth checking out in our product section of this website.