The latex mattress production process is a highly sophisticated one when done properly. We source our Latex Cores from Latexco in Belgium, a large multi-national producer who has been making latex rubber for decades and evolved their own production process to be the world’s best latex mattress producer.

The first part of the process is to mix the latex in liquid form to get a consistent formula time after time. The correct mixture is the foundation for a high quality product.

The feel of the latex is determined by how many kilos of latex per cubic metre are used:

Soft Feel = 65kgs per cubic metre.

Medium Feel = 75kgs per cubic metre.

Firm Feel = 85kgs per cubic metre.

Very Firm Feel = ‘Rebound Latex’ 120kgs per cubic metre.

Once the formula is mixed it is poured into a steel mould and then steam vulcanised (A sophisticated process similar to baking) in a giant oven at 100 degrees. This turns the liquid rubber-foam into a solid form i.e. a mattress core / support system.

The core is extracted from the steel mould and thoroughly washed to clean off any excess lubricants which are used to prevent the latex sticking to the steel mould.

Quality control and inspection of the core occurs to ensure the correct quality and density has been achieved before packaging and sending the core to the logistics department for dispatch to the mattress manufacturer for tailoring into a high quality finished mattress.

Please have a look at the attached video to see our supplier, Latexco Belgium’s extremely professional and sophisticated production process. this ensures the world’s most consistent and highest quality product in our opinion.