Pocket Pod

5 zone pocket spring with interchangable latex top layers to suit each person


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This is a fantastic mattress. The spring system is a 5 zone pocket spring which perfectly aligns the spine by having firmer support in the hip area and softer in the shoulders so they ‘give’ a little more. Please note this is different to the set up of many 5 zone springs which are softer in the hip and firmer in the shoulder, which does not make any sense to us as it often lacks long term support in the heaviest part of the body, the hips. They often feel great in the shop but give out much quicker in practical use, especially when used in conjunction with fat foam pillowtops . The spring system is encased in a latex & foam box for excellent edge support.

On top of the springs is a 2cm latex layer, then a further 5cm of latex which is adjustable between soft, medium and firm on each half of the mattress so each sleeper can have the mattress set up for their ideal feel.

The mattress is covered with a quilted removable zippered cover made from Bamboo fabric to keep the sleeper more comforatable. We have two zip off top options. the regular top or the cotton and latex top.

The Pocket Pod is the best Innerspring mattress in our range and is an extremely popular choice, particularly for couples where each person wants a different feel. It is well worth having a good look at. in the big franchise stores this mattress would easily be priced well above $3-4000.

Our Prices on the Pocket Pod Mattress are:

Queen Mattress: $1695

King Mattress: $1995

The Cotton and Latex top option is available for an additional $200.