A ‘proper’ Latex Mattresses does not have any springs. They are made from a block of latex rubber which is derived from the sap of the rubber tree.

The advantages of our Latex Mattresses are numerous.

1.Extremely long life: Will maintain their shape and feel for many years.

2.Very Supportive: Moulding to the contours of the body latex provides outstanding support.

3.Pressure Point Relief: The structure of latex can help reduce pressure points. They are often recommended by health professionals for being a natural pressure reliever.

4.Allergies: Inherently anti-microbial and anti-dustmite a lot of customers buy our latex mattresses to help with dust-mite related allergies.

5.Reduced Partner Disturbance: The open cell structure of latex results in very little movement being felt from one side of the mattress to the other.

6.Tailored Comfort and Support: Using our Pod technology a different feel can be created on each side of the mattress to cater for the ‘Venus and Mars’. If one partner wants the mattress firmer than the other we have products especially designed to cater for this.

7.Natural, Renewable Resource: Rubber Trees can grow for around 25 years, producing latex sap for most of that time. they are great for the environment producing oxygen and thousands of jobs for people in developing countries.

8.Non-Toxic: All of our latex comes from a Belgian company called Latexco, who have the highest European certification for the products being safe for babies and children.

9.Latex Does Not Conduct Electricity: In this electrically charged world some of our customers are buying latex to get away from the electrical conductivity of an innerspring mattress. House wiring, wi-fi, portable devices etc are all things that increase electro-magnetics around the bedroom. Latex does not conduct and therefore could be considered a healthier haven to escape the 21st century……

At Latex Mattress Warehouse we have many styles of Latex Core Mattresses with firmer or softer support and we are confident we will have a mattress to suit your needs.