1. Flipping and Turning:

Normally a mattress will go through a period of ‘settling’ when it is first being used where the comfort layers which include the outer fabric, fibre and foams compress.

To help spread the ware and minimise ‘settling’ it is important to rotate your mattress regularly. We recommend rotating, and or flipping your mattress every 2 weeks in the initial stages and then every 3 months throughout its life.

If regular rotation is not done there is a likelihood the mattress will develop ‘Body Impressions’ which are larger depressions in your mattress. These can be greater or less depending on the quality, density and thickness of the comfort layers. Broadly speaking the thicker and softer the comfort layers, the greater the body impression will develop over time.

2. Mattress Protector:

To prevent staining of the mattress a mattress protector must be used. Keeping stains away from your mattress will help with both the hygiene and longevity of your mattress.

3. Slat Bases:

If your mattress is going onto a slat base we recommend a fabric barrier between the two to prevent snagging and splinters from the timber slats damaging your mattress. Examples could be a mattress protector, sheet or blanket.

4. Dust Reduction:

Occasional vacuuming or airing your mattress is recommended to help reduce dust or particles that may filter through your bed linen.

5. General Maintenance:

Do not stand or jump on the mattress. Do not bend an innerspring mattress. It is not recommended to regularly sit on the edge of the mattress as it can cause the border to sag over time.