There are five key stages used in making our latex, which follows the ‘Dunlopillo’ production process:

Latex Sap Extraction: Tapping the rubber tree to bleed and collect the latex sap.

Latex Foam: The latex is mixed with air to create a foam consistency. The amount of air added to the mix will determine whether the latex is a soft, medium or firmer feel.

Vulcanisation (Baking): The latex foam is poured into a stainless steel mould and sealed. it is then baked in a slow revolving oven to turn the latex foam into a solid latex core.

Wash-off: After the core has cooled, it is released from the steel mould and washed in a soap and water cleaning mix.

Quality Control: Quality inspection occurs as well as density testing to ensure the latex passes the high European standards set by Latexco.


The feel/density of the latex is determined by how many kilos of latex per cubic metre are used:

Soft Feel = 60-65kgs per cubic metre.

Medium Feel = 70-75kgs per cubic metre.

Firm Feel = 80-85kgs per cubic metre.

Extra Firm Feel = 90-95kgs per cubic metre.