Flex600 Adjustable Bed Base

The Flex600 Bed Base raises at the Head and Feet to allow the user to sit up in bed, or get into a more comfortable position while sleeping. Includes massage and pre-programmed Zero Gravity settings.


Chiroflex Height Adjustable Base

The Chiroflex base has height adjustment and also raises at the head and feet. This allows people with mobility issues easier access into and out of the bed.In Oatmeal Colour.


Hi – Lo Adjustable Bed

he New Hi – Lo electric adjustable bed frame is the ideal bed for people who have trouble getting in and out of bed and want the option of being able to raise the head and or feet up for reading, watching television, improved circulation etc.

Also available without the Hi-Lo feature, just as a regular adjustable bed frame that raises at both ends for a cheaper price.


Restacare Bed Frame

The Restacare Bed Frame is a well priced electric bed frame that can either stand alone, or be fitted inside most bed frames to head and leg adjustment.

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