Heveya Organic Latex Mattress

Heveya is a the ultimate in an environmentally friendly bed being made from 100% natural, organic latex. Available in a ‘Soft’ or ‘Medium’ Feel.

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Latex Pod

This is the perfect Latex Mattress. Self ventilating, adjustable on each side to suit each person in the bed!


Heveya Plush Mattress

Super comfortable, our Heveya Plush Mattress has the added pillowtop to provide extra cushioning to ease sore joints and relieve pressure points.

Having all of the wonderful, natural features of our regular Heveya Organic range, the Plush model is the ‘El Supremo’ of mattresses.

100% Natural, organic certified Latex that contours to and supports your body.

Fully removable Bamboo fabric covers with organic cotton filling.

No glues or fillers used to maximise airflow, comfort and elasticity.

Excellent ‘no partner disturbance’ properties.


Heveya Latex Pillows

Heveya latex pillows

Soft feel or medium feel

Priced per pillow




4 Drawer Bed Base

Standard 4 Drawer Bed Base available in multiple colours and can be combined with one of our bedhead styles.


Flex600 Adjustable Bed Base

The Flex600 Bed Base raises at the Head and Feet to allow the user to sit up in bed, or get into a more comfortable position while sleeping. Includes massage and pre-programmed Zero Gravity settings.

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