Heveya Organic Latex Mattress

Heveya is a the ultimate in an environmentally friendly bed being made from 100% natural, organic latex. Available in a ‘Soft’ or ‘Medium’ Feel.


Latex Pod

This is the perfect Latex Mattress. Self ventilating, adjustable on each side to suit each person in the bed!


Eurozone Premium Mattress

Our most popular natural latex mattress for people with bad backs, or those who want a firmer feel.


Pulse Plush Latex Mattress

Our most plush pure latex mattress. Designed to provide softness, support and reduced pressure pointing for sore joints!

A Triple layer mattress with a soft density core and mid layer. Topped with our exclusive ‘Pulse’ super soft latex. The end result is a mattress that has progressive comfort. Ideal for people with sore hips or shoulders or those who want a plush feel.

Covered in our Bamboo and Cotton removable cover. Very comfortable, breathable and long lasting.


Heveya Latex Pillows

Heveya latex pillows

Soft feel or medium feel

Priced per pillow



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